GSW’s Skid Division is one of the leading solutions providers through integration in the region, we offer the full spectrum of flow-metering skids, Supervisory control systems, Chemical Injection packages, Modular Wellsite packages, Surge Relief Packages, Truck loading Skids and Instrumentation Packages Units.

Well-established with a proven track record of providing customized integrated solutions, especially in the  Oil and Gas industry for upstream, Midstream and Downstream,

We are focused on customer satisfaction by meeting their requirements &  quality standards at all times.  We are committed to maintaining the quality control in the comprehensive areas of design, development, manufacturing, installation, and service; we are equipped with the testing facilities within our own premises.

Our Products and Services

  • Custody Metering Skids with Prover for Liquids.
  • Custody Metering Skids for Gas.
  • Metering Control Systems Liquid.
  • Chemical Injection Skids.
  • Surge Relief Skids.
  • ZV Skids
  • Truck Loading Skids.
  • Gas & Oil Modular Skids.
  • Annuli Riser Skids.
  • OPTF Skids.
  • Power Water Injection Skid.
  • Waste Oil Extraction Skid.

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